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Welcome to our page highlighting the importance of restoring and preserving Jacobs Ladder and surrounding riverside pathways at Woodside. 

Where it all began..

Jacobs Ladder was opened to the public in 1921 to create a direct route from Don Terrace to Grandholm Bridge and ensuring quick and simple access to the Granholm Mill on the other side of the river.

For several years now this staircase has been closed due to structural damage and safety reasons. Because of this, pedestrians have to walk around Don Terrace onto Gordon Mills Road adding an extra 10 minutes to their journey.

We have exciting news!

We have finally been given permission from the council to raise the required £300,000 for the full renovation and reopening of the stairs.

We wanted to reach out to our supporters out there who would have links to funders or ideas for funding or would like to help out with this exciting new venture! Get in touch on the form below if you'd love to help out.

Check out the below link to the Aberdeen Donside Heritage Trail with more information about the stairs and surrounding areas:

Donside Heritage Trail.pdf (aberdeencity.gov.uk)

Did you know...

That Jacobs Ladder was built in 1921 to provide safer access to Grandholm Bridge. The steps saw thousands of textile workers, machine operators; men, woman and children make their way to and from work at Grandholm Mills via Jacobs Ladder every day.

For well over 100 years the world famous woollen mill ran and you can still see cogs dotted around Woodside to this day. See below photograph of those hard workers crossing the Grandholm Bridge to get to work. 

Prior to these stairs being built in 1921 there was, adjacent to them, a granite set of stairs built in 1810 which were originally called The White Ladder. The original that can be seen, were very tight and could take no more than 3 abreast at one time. They were last repaired in 1892 before being replaced by the much wider and safer Jacobs Ladder.

News and Updates 

On 28th February 2021 the Friends of Jacobs Ladder and Riverdside Walkway were made official by constitution.

In order to bring the stairway back into use it requires a structural survey to be carried out before we can proceed any further.  We are in the process of trying to procure such a survey which will in turn enable us to approach the Council for their approval.  After, hopefully gaining their approval we would then be in a position to approach various organisations with a view to gaining funding and or practical help towards our aim of reopening these important stairs. 

The following is an update of where we are at present.

Stairs before being cleared 

Stairs from the bottom after being cleared

In April 2021 when covid restrictions were slightly lifted a few volunteers went to clear the original granite set of stairs of vegetation. 

Jacobs ladder and the original granite stairs

before being cleared 

Jacobs ladder and the original granite stairs

after being cleared 

The route to Grandholm Bridge is via a steep hill with no pavements, uneven cobbles and frequent traffic, making it dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

Where we are

Before and after being cleared 

Our goal is to restore Jacobs Ladder to it original condition in order to provide safe and easy access to and from the Grandholm Bridge for the Woodside community and beyond for recreation purposes, the Grandholm housing estate, the Grandholm Care Home and associated facilities 

If you are interested in seeing Jacobs Ladder reinstated then please email us using the address below with any comments you may have or indeed if you can help in any practical way. 

for any further queries email: friendsj.ladderriversidewalkway@gmail.com or contact us below

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